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Rencontres & Inspiration (Encounters & Inspiration) invites you to discover different places in Montreux Riviera: well-known locations and unexpected sites, through the vineyards of Lavaux, the lush mountains overlooking the area, quays lined with flowers and urban districts, from Villeneuve to Lutry.


On the way, benches dedicated to famous people who once stayed in the region offer you the opportunity to learn more about them. Discover what inspired them and what connects them to Montreux Riviera by reading a passage from their life through one of their works or letters, while visiting the places that they once visited.


In order to enjoy Rencontres & Inspiration fully there is an application to guide you using your smartphone or a tablet. At each bench, anecdotes and exclusive multimedia content will give you an additional overview of each famous person.



Jean-Jacques Rousseau

28.06.1712 - 02.07.1778

Writer and philosopher originally from Geneva

Lord George Gordon Byron

22.01.1788 - 19.04.1824

English poet

Alphonse de Lamartine

21.10.1790 - 28.02.1869

French poet

Victor Hugo

26.2.1802 - 22.5.1885

French novelist

Hans Christian Andersen

02.04.1805 - 04.08.1875

Danish writer

Henri Nestlé-Ehmant

10.08.1814 - 07.07.1890

Entrepreneur and German industrialist, Swiss citizen

Gustave Courbet

10.06.1819 - 31.12.1877

French painter

Fiodor Mikhaïlovitch Dostoïevski

11.11.1821 - 09.02.1881

Russian novelist

Johanna Spyri

12.06.1827 - 07.07.1901

Swiss writer

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

09.09.1828 - 20.11.1910

Russian writer

Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie von Bayern

24.12.1837 - 10.09.1898

Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, also known as Sissi

Alphonse Daudet

13.05.1840 - 16.12.1897

French writer

Ferdinand Hodler

14.03.1853 - 19.05.1918

Swiss painter

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim

04.06.1867 - 27.01.1951

Finnish politician, Marshall and President

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

02.10.1869 - 30.01.1948

Indian politician and philosopher

Rainer Maria Rilke

04.12.1875 - 29.12.1926

Writer originally from Prague

Charles Ferdinand Ramuz

24.09.1878 - 23.05.1947

Swiss writer

Igor Stravinsky

17.06.1882 - 06.04.1971

Russian composer, naturalized French & American citizen

Oskar Kokoschka

01.03.1886 - 22.02.1980

Austrian painter and writer

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris

06.10.1887 - 27.08.1965

Swiss & French architect and town planner, also known as Le Corbusier

Charles Spencer Chaplin

16.04.1889 - 25.12.1977

English actor, film director and composer

Jean Villard dit Gilles

02.06.1895 - 26.03.1982

Swiss poet and songwriter

Paul Hindemith

16.11.1895 - 28.12.1963

Composer, instrumentalist and conductor

Clara Haskil

07.01.1895 - 07.12.1960

Romanian pianist, naturalized Swiss citizen

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

24.09.1896 - 21.12.1940

American writer

Vladimir Nabokov

22.04.1899 - 02.07.1977

Alice Rivaz

14.08.1901 - 27.02.1998

Swiss writer

Henry Graham Greene

02.10.1904 - 03.04.1991

English journalist and writer

Jacques Piccard

28.07.1922 - 01.11.2008

Swiss Oceanographer

Hugo Pratt

15.06.1927 - 20.08.1995

Italian comic strip writer

Claude Nobs

04.02.1936 - 10.01.2013

Swiss, Founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival

Freddie Mercury

05.09.1946 - 24.11.1991

English singer and songwriter




To help you find the special benches, the free app, Rencontres & Inspiration, uses a geolocation system to guide you.


It also gives access to additional content near to each bench about each famous visitor, including anecdotes about their stay in Montreux Riviera and an augmented reality multimedia experience. All along the route, there will be audio playback, exclusive interviews, animations or video clips to be discovered.

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Rencontres & Inspiration is an initiative from Montreux-Vevey Tourisme, the tourist information office of Montreux Riviera, a region located on the shores of Lake Geneva between Lutry and Villeneuve.



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Montreux-Vevey Tourisme warmly thanks the families of each the personalities featured, the foundations and societies managing their rights, the museums and cultural establishments connected with each of the visitors, the associations of friends of some of them, the town councils of Montreux Riviera and their highways and green spaces departments and archives, Mr Chessex, Mr Freestone, Mrs and Mr Goy, Mr Smolik, Mme Fornerod, Mme Montandon, and everyone else who has contributed in various ways to making this project a reality.




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